I signed up for a Home Warranty with National Home Protection in Aug. 2007.

In Nov. they did not answer the phone for 4 days straight. I assumed they went out of business. I called my credit card company and reversed the charges.

They then had not gone out of business and I reversed the charges. They did not put my account back in good standing for 5 months. They then told me that they would extend my account for 5 months since it took so long for them to put my account in good standing. My account has now been expired according to them-I only got 7 months on what was supposed to be a year policy.

There is nobody there to talk too-they just put you on hold and pass you around to all different departments.

what a waste of time-do not believe that there is a $50 Home Depot gift card, there is not. Be very careful doing business with this company-they are bad news!!!!

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